(1) Bringing Your Piglet Home He or She will be scared leaving the only Home they have ever had. The best thing for your piglet is to slowly adjust to his surroundings. Sometimes the best thing you can do is to let the pig spend quiet time in his or her new room. The piglets are use to being in a quiet bedroom in an x-pen. Piglets can take several days to adjust to their new home. They may not want to eat or have diarrhea. They will soon adjust and learn to love their new Family. Pigs love to be on schedules and have a similar routine they hate change. I recommend a heat pad a very soft bed and blankets. Pigs love to be warm. Make sure your piglet is always close to a litter box if he or she is in another area of the home where they do not have a litter box.

       (2) Pig Food: We recommend hand feeding the piglets for the first 2 days to bond with your piglet. The Piglets are currently eating Mazuri Mini Pig Youth Diet. We feed the piglets ¼ cup at 7:30 Am and 6:00 Pm. We let the piglets have lots of water except 2 hours before bed. You can break the feeding into 3 meals if you prefer. Piglets love Milk, Cheese, Yogurt, Banana peels, Fruit, and Grass. You may give your piglet a small snack like a piece of grape for training or a piece of food. Be careful you do not over feed your piglet. Overfeeding Your Piglet will lead to an unhealthy pig and cause a bad back. You can switch the piglet to Mazuri Active Adult Feed at 4 months. 

     (3) Flax seed and a Children’s vitamin are very good for your piglet 1 vitamin per day. Flax seed 1 tablespoon mixed in cottage cheese or yogurt 1x a week.

     (4) Your Piglet will need to be wormed 3 to 4 times a year. We use Ivermectin it comes in a blue box and has a picture of a cow on it. It says Noromectin 50ml made by Norbrook on the Box. Farm & Feed Stores Stock the wormer. We highly recommend you have your piglet Vaccinated 1 a year. Or www.Valley Vet.com

    (5) Hoof Care your piglet may need there hooves trimmed every 9 months 1/4 at a time. You can do it or have a farm vet trim them yearly. 

  If your piglet gets constipated we have found giving him a bath works wonders and it is soothing & natural. You can also feed the piglet a tablespoon of canned Pumpkin.


       (7) Bathing your piglet maybe scary the first time you give him or her bath. Place a towel on the floor of the bath tub & poor water on the piglet like you are bathing a baby. Give your piglet a treat before & after every bath. You can place lettuce, or a few, veggies, or grapes to distract the piglet from the bath. Pigs love to be scratched so they will learn to love their bath.  Make sure and use gentle baby soap like Burt’s Bees or the Spa Pet Shampoos, conditioners on Your Piglet. We also use conditioner & vitamin spray on Our Piglets. Amazon & Ross Mill Farms carry it. You can also use Avon skin so soft. Its is important to clean your piglets ears with q tips once every few months.


      (8) Piglets love shredding paper and exploring stuff. Since, Pigs are always hungry they will try to eat anything string, paper, rocks, plastic, etc. Make sure you pick anything up that your piglet may attempt to eat.  We have found that the piglet love the Smart Dog toys like the bone that has a compartment for treats. They love to play teaching your piglet tricks & walking them or, letting them play outside will keep them occupied. Limit the amount of grass your piglet eats. GRASS FATTENS PIGLETS UP IN DAYS..


       (9) Potty training the piglets. I take the piglets outside to their pen every morning 7am. They will poop & pee & run around. You can then bring them in for breakfast & water. I then take them outside again to go potty 10-15 minutes after they have eaten. I take the piglets out every 3 hours to go potty. They may have to pee during the night until 4 months old. Make sure if your piglet eats or drink that you take them outside. Do not give your piglet water 2 hours prior to bedtime. The Piglets are litter box trained. I used a cat box and cut the front off so the piglet can just walk into the box. I use puppy pads folded in half in a cat box they are easy to clean up after or you can use pine shavings. Make sure your piglet can easily get to his or her litter box. You may consider 2 if the piglets box is not close to where you spend time. Put the box where the piglet goes potty. They like selecting their potty spot.  

     Potty Training Piglets is easy. You can take your piglet outside after they wake up and 15 minutes after each meal. Never use cat litter it will kill your piglet if they eat it. Do not move the litter box because it will confuse your piglet. If your piglet has an, accident tell him or her No, and put them in there litter box. I would recommend leaving in there room on time out for 10 minutes after they have an, accident. Make sure & praise the piglet for going in there box. You piglet wants to be with you so timeout is a punishment. If the piglet is not behaving in the rest of your home take away access to the whole home. Slowly, reintroduce the home as the Piglet behaves itself.

   (10) Training your piglet is fun. Priscilla Valentine’s book is wonderful for teaching your pig tricks, and behavior tips. Pigs need lots of love & attention. Pigs do not want to be left in the yard their whole life.  Pigs will become destructive if they are ignored. They want to cuddle in front of a warm fire, sleep on your lap while you watch tv, go for walks, learn tricks, or go for walks. Ross Mill Farms makes custom harnesses.

    (11) If your piglet is being naughty we have found a spray bottle of water is very effective. Time out is very, very effective.. You can also nudge the piglet with your hand on his rump or side. Mother Pigs nudge there pigs to get them to obey. You can also thump them or tap them on the nose & say NO! Piglets sometimes bite when they are playing with you if they are being too rough say No, & tap them on the nose.

Be careful you are the master of your Piglet. They are like a 2-3 year old child. If the Piglet can it will become the master over you, never feed them during the night if they wake you up squealing. You determine when Breakfast is otherwise if your piglet can get away with it he or she will wake you at 4 am. Pigs are very smart & have wonderful memories.  A wonderful & Humorous example of the pig becoming the master is Oink by Matt Wyman.

    (12) Pigs hate cold weather. You cannot leave your piglet outside in the winter in the snow more than a few minutes or they can die. You can walk your piglet or let them out for a few minutes, but if you leave them out there without a heated igloo, heated dog house, or a barn with a heated pad and lots of straw they can die Especially when it is below 30 degrees.

     (13) Poisonous Plants to pigs are Aloe, Amaryllis, Azaleas, Autumn Crocus, Bittersweet American, Buckeye, Castor Bean, Chinaberry Tree, Christmas Rose, Cineraria, Corn Plant, Cycads, Daffodils, English Ivy, Foxglove, Heavenly Bamboo, Holly, Hyacinth, Hydrangea, Iris, Japanese Yew, Jerusalem Cherry, Lilly Of The Valley, Marijuana, Mushrooms, Mistletoe, Morning Glory, Oleander, Precatory Bean, Rhubarb, Tobacco, Tomato Plant, Tulip, Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow, Yew, and Yucca.

  (14) Greasy Pig is a skin condition caused by piglets being stressed. The piglet’s skin will be red & irritated and flaky. Take your piglet to the Vet and some antibiotics will clear it right up.

  (15) WARNING! Be careful with your new piglet around your dogs. Do not feed your dog around your piglet. Pigs love dog food and it is very bad for pigs. You do not want the piglet trying to steal the dogs food & the dog to get territorial and bite the piglet. I would not give my dog a bone in front of my piglet because they may try taking it. Dogs are very territorial and they may take some adjusting to the piglet. The worse things your piglet will do is root the dog or root him out of his bed. Pigs are lovers they just want to cuddle. I would not trust my dog & Pig together ALONE until I was positive that the dog would not turn on the piglet.

    Please feel free to call me with questions or problems and I will do my best to help. Trisha Bowlin 208-755-6106 bretmvrck@aol.com. Nichole Leonard DVM is my vet 208-699-2208 piglets are always welcome back to my home.

Outlaw Pig Manual