Mini Pig Facts
Pigs are one of the 10 smartest animal.
Pigs are clean & organized. They love routine.
Pigs do not sweat, or shed. They are considered hypo allergenic.
Pigs like to cuddle.
Pigs love car rides.
Pigs like cats & dogs.
Pigs love children.
Pigs are easily motivated by food. You can train them in 5 minutes.

Pigs love shredding paper & playing with toys.
Pigs are easy to potty train.
Pigs like swimming.
Pigs love to play outside.
Pigs love eating grass, dandelions & Rooting in the dirt.
Pigs love being mischievous.
Pigs have the brain & attitude at times of a 3 year old.
Pigs live 10-15 years.
Pigs are cheap to feed.
Pigs can go for walk on a ha

Pigs are very curious & love exploring.





Check your homes zoning laws if you are considering a piglet. In Some areas piglets are considered exotic & are not allowed.


 Do you have a Vet that treats miniature piglets in your area.? I use a Farm Vet.


Are you willing to commit to 10-15 years to your piglet?

Pigs can live to be 15.


Do you have a fenced yard? Piglets love to eat grass, root, and prefer to go potty outside.


Do you have time to walk your piglet & play with them? If a piglet is ignored they will become depressed & destructive.









Charlene & Lauryn
Paisley Rose
baby Kitty
Pua, Jaxson, & Daisy
Joe Swimming
the gang
Lauryn & Bret
Lauryn,Bret & Taggert

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