Pig Questions & Answers.

Do pigs like to travel in the car?

     Answer: Yes, if a pig is use to car rides they do great.


   What do pigs eat?

     Answer: Pigs should eat a 1/4 cup 2x a day pellet food similar to rabbit food. I recommend Mazuri piglet feed for the first 6 months. Then switch to Mazuri Adult pig food. The pig food comes in 20 pounds bags at a farm & feed store & costs $20.00.


     What is A Juliana pig?

Answer: Juliana pigs are also know as spotted pigs or painted pigs. They originated from Europe. Juliana pigs have longer snouts and range 12-15" tall & weighting between 35-60 pounds full grown. Juliana's have very sweet personalities & are wonderful mothers.


   How big do miniature pigs get full grown?

Answer: Miniature pigs are 10"-15" tall full grown & weight 35-60 pounds full grown on a proper diet. We have found most Customers love their pig with food.


Do pigs get along with dogs?

Answer: Yes, pigs like animals they love to cuddle & root your dog out of their bed. Pigs like to be the most loved pet. They want to be #1 in the household. Dogs can feel that the pig is taking over their territory. Slowly expose your dogs & pigs. Never feed your dog around the pigs. Dog food is very bad for pigs. Never give your dog a treat in front of your pig. Dogs can kill pigs. Do not leave the dog alone with the pig unless you trust them..







    Do pigs like children?

Answer: Pigs love children they find them non threatening because they play with them at the pigs level. If the child is careful pigs do not mind being held and cuddled.


    What kind of Veterinarian do I take my   piglet to?

AnswerYou need a Vet that sees exotic animals or a Farm Vet. Make sure you have a Vet near your home. Piglets need a yearly check up & yearly vaccine of Parvo Lepto.

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