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outlaw mini pigs


We had a Birthday Party Today for Tank. He had a blast. We love Our Pig So, much.

     Jessica, Casey, & Tank Martin.

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Beefy is doing well. He's matured so great since we brought him home. He's perfect with  commands like sit and come so I'm hoping to do some trick training soon :) Thanks a billion for our naughty little boy,


Lulu's "Transformation Tuesday" pic. Lol
She just turned a year old last week. She is a really good girl and I can't imagine not having her in our family.

Keri Davis


This is Butters the pig who is three months old. We have had him for a little over a month now and he is a joy. He makes us smile everyday with his uniqueness and independent spirit. He is snuggly and loving --just an awesome little pet. Trisha has been fantastic helping me along the way-- sending me advice and helpful videos when we were having a little hurdle with baths. If you are looking for a mini pig, this is the place to come. We are very happy and you will be too.    Patti Stoval


Daffodile She's perfect. Thank you. Renee Dreyer


Hello Trish!

Penny has been such a great girl. In one training session she learned kisses, sit, come, spin, stand, and up. Minimal protests when I pick her up. I was able to get her first harness on today! Lol!    Thank you!
         Miranda Ohm


Past  Piglets
Hey Trish,
Just wanted to let you know Fiona did AWESOME!  The vet was very impressed
that she was already spayed and micro chipped. He kept saying how outgoing and
pretty she is.  He really liked her coloring. She squealed a little when they
picked her up, but quieted down....with the help of treats...she was the best
piglet they ever seen!
She took her vaccine like a champ
! Thank you Lori


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