Why We are Different

We raise the Miniature piglets In Our home & handle them daily. We actually have 4 pigs that live in Our home. We have all Our pigs & piglets Vet checked several times before they come to your home. All pigs are sold Fixed or Spayed. We do not sell breeding stock we sell pets. 

  About Us:

  We are a small Farm in Spirit Lake, Idaho.

Our Love affair with pigs started with Bonnie & Clyde Our Potbelly pigs.

    I began searching for miniature piglets only to find that there were not any Reputable Breeders near me.


      I have spent hundreds of hours researching miniature piglets. With the Help of My Veterinarian Nichole Leonard  I have worked very hard to get the best breeding stock, feed, and living conditions for my piglets. My pigs are part of my Family .

Please do your research & make sure you are zoned in a Miniature pig Friendly Neighborhood

   Please do your research Many Breeder claim they have full grown pigs that are under 25 pounds. I have yet to see a full grown pig that is under 25 pounds.

    Many Breeders use a 4 or 5 month old piglet to breed and claim that they have the smallest pigs in the world.. Pigs grow until they are 3 years old. Some Breeder post pictures of their breeding stock only as babies not as adults. 

        Some Breeders manipulate their pigs diet to keep their pigs thin.

 Teacup Pigs, Micro Mini Pigs, Pocket Pigs, Dwarf Pigs are just another name for a Miniature Pig. Juliana pigs & Miniature pigs are the only Breeds of Pigs under 60 pounds & 15" tall.









 Outlaw mINI pIGS



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